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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh No, Maxi!

Maximiliano Guerra is the heir of Julio Bocca and his Ballet Argentino. Maxi is the ballet rock star of Argentina since Bocca retired, and I've been thrilled to watch him on stage doing his classical thing many times. This past year I've also had the pleasure of watching him as one of the judges on TV's Talento Argentino.

But by chance I caught him on Mirtha Legrand's talk show yesterday, where he appeared with Mora Godoy, to promote, guess what? His new tango dinner show, Puerto Buenos Aires, in Madero Tango. I guess just because someone is a great and respected talent, it doesn't preclude him jumping on the bandwagon to earn lots of tourist dollars; Buenos Aires can't seem to have enough of those darned tango shows that tour buses flock to every night. Even Clarin called the show tango for export.

But I somehow expected more of Maxi, the gorgeous ballet warrior god.

Just goes to show that not even the greatest and most highly trained Argentine dancer can dance tango well. And proves that some things just don't translate.

Check out Maxi's tango here:


Anonymous said...


At least he's smiling. I think there's potential there but he is definitely not very elegant. But what I can't get over is Mora's dress. WTF? Flamenco/Tango fusion?

n a n c y said...

Even Mirtha looks perplexed - not easy with all that Botox.

Joli said...

Mora´s dress? It is a local designer called Maxima de Mis Tetas Trucos.

tangocherie said...

Joli, you are baaaad! But that's why I love you!

Cammie said...

OMG! Scary!