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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Household Origami

It's amazing the amount of things to keep you entertained on cruise days at sea. Evidently towel & napkin origami is de rigueur on cruises. Who knew? Being a neophyte, I laughed with surprise at the first towel animal on our bed at night, and kept laughing as they got more and more elaborate. Our final night on board we had a gorilla hanging from our ceiling, wearing Ruben's dark glasses.

So classes were held in how to fold towels and napkins into fancy shapes. We didn't do the classes, but enjoyed the results. It's a strange life that has time to make elephant towels.

Here's a video for your folding pleasure. It's ok to try this at home.

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Anonymous said...

These are great. I have had the staff do similar on scuba diving holidays in the Maldives and Sharm el Sheik. A bit disconcerting finding a towel aligator on your bed!