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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tango Deja Vu? at the Borges Center

The Compania Tango Deja Vu? gave a 2 part program last night at the Borges Cultural Center in the Galeria Pacifica (Viamonte y San Martin).

The Borges Center almost always has a dance program going on in one of its several theaters, and much of the time it's tango. It's a nice option for stage dancing from the expensive tango tourist shows. although a whole lot less glitzy (maybe that's a good thing.) And just entering the over-the-top Galeria is a shock of tasteful glitz, which ought to please anyone.

The first part of the program, Brazos y Abrazos, was pretty standard stage tango for 5 dancers, one of whom, Carina Pazzaglini, did the choreography and direction of the whole show. It was very deja-vu--full of clichés, and the same old Piazzola music that is in all tango shows. There was way too much made at one point of the one tanguera's waist length hair, and it became a little creepy.

The second half, Quien les Quita lo Bailando...a esos Cisnes y Malevos!, was much more interesting and creative. The two women of Part I were exchanged for three young ballerinas with one foot on pointe and the other on tango heel, quite a feat in itself. But these lovely girls did an impressive job dancing a kind of tango ballet in tutus and their uneven footwear, with nods to The Dying Swan and Dance of the Little Swans. The three men were the same guys, but a new classical ballarine was brought in for contrast and to compete with the malevos.

Some folks left after Part I, but I'm glad we stuck it out because the Cisnes y Malevos made it all worthwhile.

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Rosa Musica said...

thanks for letting me join u and Jan last night Cherie, i agree the 2nd half of the show was much better :-)