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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

English Book Swap

Expat Annie Ory organized a very successful English Language Book Swap last weekend. Apart from the obvious benefit of exchanging read books for new ones, I got to meet personally several friends who I only "knew" via the computer. It felt like a Facebook Friends party, which indeed it was. And I came home with three new books and several new friends! Thanks, Annie!

And I saw my friend Camille Cusumano who presented me with a copy of her memoir, Tango An Argentine Love Story.


99 said...

It was a pleasure to meet you in person!
It´s refreshing to have face to face contact too, no?
I adore books and good company. Yeah, the book swap was a great idea. I´m reading as fast as I can to swap them back at the next meeting.

Rosa Musica said...

what a great idea! i'd love to know about the next book swamp, and is Camille still in BA? i have been keen to read her book for a while :)

Taos Turner said...

Oh man, this sounds fantastic!! I so much wish I had been there. Will there be another one? I want to come! I LOVE books - reading them, buying them, talking about them with other people who loves books.

What a marvelous idea. Thanks for sharing this.


Alex said...

Hi Cherie!

Tell me about your friend's book - "Tango, an Argentine Love Story" - how is it?

Take care,