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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remembering Enrique

It was with mixed emotions that I arrived at Region Leonesa for the milonga. Last week was so much fun, and this week we all were remembering that Enrique is no longer with us. And suddenly I recalled that for the first time in memory, a week ago Enrique walked way down to our table and kissed us. He never has done that. Normally he sat right by the door to greet people. But last week he came to kiss us. Now that we know he was to pass away the following day, it feels like he came to say goodbye.

So it was difficult to go and not see him in his usual place, to know we never will see him again on earth.

I've known Enrique since he had a milonga at Italia Unita, and then when he was at Celia's. And then for many years at Leonesa, where Ruben and I first danced together four years ago. Enrique and the Milonga de los Consagrados have been a huge part of my life, Ruben's life, and our tango professional life.

Last night the mood was somber in the salon. Perhaps because it was Valentine's Day and some folks had other plans, but mainly it was because we all were missing the presence of Enrique. There was a minute early on--not of silence--but of applause, for his life, for his contribution to tango, for the person he was.

Daniel and Miriam, Enrique's children, plan to continue the milonga as always. Good luck to them--they have big footsteps to follow.

Last night they made a presentation. Ruben and I were called up and given this gorgeous pergamino (certificate) that everyone had signed. Para Ruben y Cherie: La Milonga de los Consagrados les agradece su apoyo incondicioal y su constante presencia.

And here are the Valentine roses that Ruben brought to the milonga for me--and I like to think for Enrique as well.

Photo by SallyCat.

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Anonymous said...

How very moving, Cherie. Even from this distance, and with such limited contact, I will miss him.