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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guillermina's Historias Breves

Years and years ago, I happened to ask Gavito who he thought was the best female tango dancer in the world at that time, and he replied, Guillermina!

I first met her at Norah's Tango Week when she was teaching with her then husband, Roberto Reis. I've followed her career since, and she is an amazing dancer, a gorgeous woman, who can do many things, and does.

Her latest endeavor is Tango: Historias Breves which opened recently in New York. The New York Times gave Guillermina a good review, but didn't like the show, calling it Tango for Lady and Macho Tramp.

The clip below looks right out of a Ballet Theater piece by Twyla Tharp, or something by Julio Bocca. It's not tango, but adagio, and to the same old Piazzola that all "balletic" tango is danced to on stage. Don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder, without Piazzola, would there even be tango escenario?

However, the reviewer went ballistic because the first part of the show was set to music by Rachmaninov.

As I always say, if the music isn't tango, is the dance?

But who cares in the case of a stage show? What's important is the artistry, technique, vision, and entertainment value. And I'm guessing this show has all of that.

It's on tour, UCLA soon. Catch it if you ... want to!


Anonymous said...

She is one of the more graceful show tango dancers out there, Cherie.

tangocherie said...

So will you be catching Historias Breves at UCLA?
Please let me know your review!

Anonymous said...

Depends on the dates, Cherie. I'm in a show too :-)

tangocherie said...

OK, here's the info for all you Angelinos who may be able to catch Guillermina's show at UCLA:

Wed-Thu, Feb 4-5 at 8pm at Royce Hall

February 3: Guillermina Quiroga Dance Company Dancers from this internationally renowned Tango company, along with the musical group, Los Cosos de al Lao will participate in a Milonga with live music, Tango instruction and free dance. Co-presented with SCA: Student Committee for the Arts.

Where: Royce Hall Rehearsal Studio: 7:00pm-10:00pm

This is a free, ticketed event. For info on how to reserve a ticket, please call the Education reservation line @ 310.206.1144

February 6: Guillermina Quiroga Dance Company Tango Master Class! Guillermina Quiroga and her partner, Cesar Coelho will lead a Tango Master Class.Open to all UCLA students, staff and faculty to partcipate or observe. reservations required, call 310-206-1144 .

Where: Gloria Kaufman Hall, room 1000 and time 10:00am-12:00pm.

Anonymous said...

Just as I suspected, I'll be rehearsing...