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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tango & Relationships Survey

Clay Nelson, of Portland, Oregon, has completed his Tango & Relationships Survey, and sent out the following letter:

Tango Dancers,
A few months ago, I wrote and asked for your suggestions of questions to be included in a survey on the topic of tango and relationships. Over forty of you wrote back with your ideas. As much as possible I've tried to include your thoughts and have ended up with a 34-question survey that is now complete. So...if you're ready and willing, jump in and take this survey.

I took it this morning, and it's fun to compare one's answers to the statistics. However, much of it doesn't fit Buenos Aires. There are opportunities however to write in your opinions if there's no check box for your own experience.

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Elizabeth said...

O.K. I filled out the survey, but the questions leave me just amazed that people mistake/mix up tango with serious life commitments. Also that everyone seems to have to check themselves against the partner all the time. Incredible. What about respect and independence within and around the journey, dance and otherwise.
Alan and I have been through things a lot more serious than tango for sure. I guess if a couple can't hack tango, they are not going to make it anyway.