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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cocktails at the Faena Hotel+Universe

Sometimes a girl just needs a cocktail in a pretty glass in a gorgeous setting. I mean I love the delicious Argentine red that I drink every night with dinner, but sometimes only a cocktail will do.

So yesterday I met SallyCat and Tina at the Faena Hotel in the Library Bar.

We all separately took planes, trains, and automobiles to get there in its hidden spot on Dique 2 in Puerto Madero. The hotel blends in perfectly with all the old brick warehouses that have been upscaled into fancy condos and restaurants. I wasn't even sure I had found it because it's so exclusive that it doesn't have a sign, apart from a discreet golden "P" above the entrance.

It was freezing in there, so we soon moved outside to the pool area. Sigh.

It was a kind of scavenger hunt to find the bathroom: down down, not a rabbit hole, but a very long, very dark hallway. Finally I had to ask one of the suits that were everywhere. And he opened that door to the men's room (here's a pic). Now if even the staff is confused as to what the subtle letters "W" and "M" stand for, what's a poor foreigner to do? I realized I was in the wrong place when I saw the sparkling row of urinals, but said what the hell, and used a cubicle anyway. It was a Monday afternoon, and the only people in the hotel were the suits anyway.

I'm glad I got to finally see this famous place, designed by the celebrity architect Phillippe Starck. But the truth is, there we were down by the river on a beautiful day, and even at the pool, we were so enclosed. We could have been in downtown Peoria. It's kind of a strange concept, no big lobby, the long dark halls. It's for trendoids, I suppose. Anyway, it's not for me. But it was fun to visit.


Sallycat said...

Hey it was fun wasn't it?

The building kinda reminded me of a great big tomb... or at least a set from a horror movie: heavy curtains, marble, OTT flower arrangements, dark polished wood, silence, doors labelled to confuse, infinite numbers of near identical men in suits, aircon to rival morgue chiller cabinets, corridors stretching to God knows where...

BUT that pool looked cool.

How the other half live eh? But you know, I'm glad I'm in this half. Like you said, it ain't for me... mainly because I prefer to feel that I'm alive rather than dead! I wanted to race down those corridors naked and leap in that pool fully clothed just to wake the place up a bit;)

But it was great to explore new ground, and so know more, with you girls.

Big hug till soon, SC

Tina said...

It was fun! I would like to try to make a French mojito now. Once I figure it out, cocktails on my terrace!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous.

miss tango said...

It is kind of fun to go there...the design makes me quite giddy. But furniture porn does that to me ;)

Taos Turner said...

Hey Cherie,
Nice post. This place is very weird, a strange combination of ultra hip, dark evil and romantic velvet. While it's cool, I never quite feel comfortable there. Not sure why, exactly.
Take care,