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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Buenos Aires Baila Tango

Browsing in the Yenny bookstore today, I came across a little book by Gabriela Kogan, Buenos Aires Baila Tango Milonga Guide, (29 pesos, Sept. 2008). I picked it up with skepticism because normally these kinds of guides are out of date and useless before they hit the printer. Milongas in Buenos Aires open and close every week, and even websites devoted to keeping track of them are usually not updated regularly

But this handy little bilingual paperback has phone numbers, names, addresses, is well organized, and offers lots of useful information. There's even a section on tango shoe stores.

So if you'll be in town fairly soon, it might be something you want to look for. I can't vouch for how useful it might be next year. Of course all of this information is available in the free magazines passed out in the milongas--Diostango, La Tanguata, B.A. Tango. Tango magazines also seem to come and go, but these have been around for quite sometime.

Of course you can always download and print Howard's Buenos Aires Tango Map.

Gabriela Kogan also has a matching book on Buenos Aires Walks, which looks good. too

I'm a librarian...there's nothing I like more than a couple of books in my bag. Well except maybe for recommending them.

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