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Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Tango Moment

One Tango Moment, a one-hour documentary film by Australian Carla Thackrah, follows the Australian stage tango champions to Buenos Aires to compete in the Campeonateo Mundial. Carla was inspired to show the clash between international commercial tango and what is danced by Argentines socially. The couple find that their tango changed once they were in Buenos Aires and dancing in the milongas, and the new realizations threw them off their game.

The stars are the 2007 stage tango champions of Australia, Federico and Hosanna, but Ruben and I figure in it too, dancing in a milonga, and speaking about the passion of tango, the embrace, music, and the future of tango. We were very proud to be part of this thought-provoking project.

Carla has made other film documentaries, she is a tango dancer herself, a composer, and the flutist in Tango Paradiso ensemble, along with her husband, violinist Moshlo.

A still from the film shows my friends Flo Woodruff and Carlos Costes dancing at Club Espanol.


Anonymous said...

I would really enjoy watching this film. How can someone find a copy of this film?

Elizabeth said...

Cherie, I wonder if I will be able to get a copy of this film.
Fun to see Flo and Carlos in the picture! I met both of them and saw her everywhere in BA. What a great spirit.

tangocherie said...

Anon, Elizabeth, and others who are curious about where they can see One Tango Moment--here's what the filmmaker just wrote to me:

"I love what you've written. I'm very pleased you like the film. I'm trying to get it on TV here in Aus, but it's difficult. I've had a big showing in Sydney with the support of the Argentine Consul - 200 people came. And of course, the tango communities in Sydney and Brisbane have all seen it. I will enter it in film festivals soon but first I need to hand over a lot of money to pay for the use of the music I've used. Believe me, making films is an expensive business! But I'm happy with it and pleased you are too."

This just shows how difficult it is to make an independent film. Hopefully she can resolve these issues and get it into circulation.

Angelina Tanguera said...

Hi Tangocherie,
I just found this post as I was enjoying reading your blog.
I did the PR for Carla for the Sydney showing of the film and have seen it twice. It is indeed good and I will post on Angelina's Tango Blog if there is any more news on showings etc.