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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bar "El Chino"

"El Chino" Jorge Eduardo Garcés

Best First Film winner for Daniel Burak at the 2004 Argentinian Film Critics Association Awards, Bar El Chino is about a rundown bar where the essence of friendliness and warmth are still alive, as well as the soul of tango. Friends create an enormous symbolization for Jorge Garcés, also known as El Chino.

The film is a pseudo-documentary, framed with a story about making a documentary of El Chino and his beloved bar, which he had rented in Pompeya for more than 50 years. El Chino appears in the film, but he had since passed away (in 2001). The crisis in the film's story is Argentina's economic one of that same year, when everything changes.

See the movie. And when you're in Buenos Aires, drop by the bar and remember El Chino and his tango.

3566 Calle Beazley
Buenos Aires

Tel: 54-11/4911-0215

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