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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

West Point at Confiteria la Ideal

What a fantastic experience for Ruben, and especially me: to teach a class of young people from West Point Academy, and then to take them to a milonga to participate first hand in the culture of tango! Only one dancer (ballet--her career choice at the age of 17 was either professional ballerina, or the army!) in the group of 5 men and 2 women, but since they were getting class credit for it, they all gave tango their best shot, and maybe they will go back to West Point and start an Argentine Tango Club

See Mama Hen me at the far left? The extra big guy in the middle is the Major, and the responsible one.

Every one of the 7 young people was beautiful, smart, articulate, polite, appreciative, good sports, and buena gente. They made me feel so proud that my country will be guided and protected by the likes of them one day. And they all have the ability to dance tango well in the future if they carry on.

School starts in a couple of weeks and so they are leaving today for home. Most of the students are seniors and two will be spending the next semester in Zaragoza, Spain. All are Spanish majors, and since cultural diversity is part of their studies, this trip was put together for class credit. Ruben and I wish them God Speed, health and happiness, with many trips to Tango Heaven along the way! We thank them for sharing some of their precious Argentina time with us.

They made the front page of the West Point website!


NYC Tango Pilgrim said...

That's so cool. Cadets are learning tango. Kids made it to the front page on West Point's website.

You and Ruben are the best.

tangocherie said...

Why thank you TP!
And thanks too for telling me about their picture on West Point's site; I added a link to it.

Elizabeth said...

I love it that these kids who would normally not have exposure to real tango are getting great lessons from you and Ruben!
Inspiring. They are lucky.

Sallycat said...

Hi Cherie and Ruben, it was a really fab surprise to bump into you in La Ideal on Monday afternoon. I feel a bit bad now that I was so excited to see you both that I didn't take time to say hi to this lovely group of young people... I hope they had a great afternoon. I am certain that with you guys as their hosts they will have been given the best possible welcome to Buenos Aires tango.
Hasta pronto, SC

tangocherie said...

It was so nice to see you too, Sally.
Yes, they were a fantastic representation of the U.S., as well as just great folks.
And the pleasure of teaching them "our" tango was all ours!

Anonymous said...

Cherie y Ruben,

Thank you so much for an awesome night of tango! It was one of my favorite experiences in Argentina, and the two of you were great teachers. Hope all is well.