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Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Coquito

There was quite a bit of response to my Wordless Wednesday post of a photo of Coquito, so I'm posting the other three pictures that we took that night in Saraza Tango (Saraza 951 in Caballito; Tuesdays 7-1). This is his milonga del barrio and so he feels comfortable to just bring out his bandoneon from time to time to play for his friends. We were glad we were there with our students from Champaign, IL, Ron y Susana.


Holly said...

Which night is this milonga?

tangocherie said...

Hi Holly,
It's Tuesdays, 7-1.

Thanks, I'll go back and add that.
Are you going to check it out?
You could take Isa there, really. It's very "family."

Holly said...

hope to one day soon:)