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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Homenaje a La Pachamama

Salta is a fantastic winter vacation spot, and well worth the long (18 hrs) bus ride from Buenos Aires.

Often compared to Arizona's Sedona for the colorful rock formations and mystic spirituality, Ruben and I went specifically last week to participate in the annual celebration of La Pachamama, the Mother Earth of the Andean indigenous people, traditionally beginning on August 1st.

We offer gifts of food and drink amid the incense in the village of Humahuaca.

Here I am wearing the blessings of the priest in my hair.

The Andean people believe that the higher on the earth you are, the closer you are to God. And as we climbed up and up, (we made it to Jujuy and almost to Bolivia) and the scenery became more powerful, the sky clearer and bluer, the air purer, it seemed absolutely true.

We were welcomed to participate in the ceremony of giving back to Mother Earth. No donations of money accepted, it was simple and heart-felt and an act of faith. Nothing New Agey or "airy-fairy" about any of the mysticism swirling around the ancient pink, green, violet, blue, red rocks.

Well ok, there were the ubiquitous stands in the plazas selling alpaca sweaters and gloves as well as pottery and other trinkets.

Capricornio Ruben at the Tropic of Capricorn.

La Paleta del Pintor -- The Master Artist working overtime.

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Holly said...

I love Salta! I really can not wait to go back again one day.