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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another Campeonato--This Time Intercontinental!!

A great marketing tool and stimulating for tourism, tango championships stir the waters and bring in people and pesos.

This new one seems to dwarf all the rest.
Campeonato Intercontinental de Tango 2008, October 26-November 1, coincides perfectly with the spring tourist season in Buenos Aires.

Anyone can enter, and the first prize is $6000 AR with an all-expense paid tour to other countries.

Different orchestras will be playing for the 7 days and nights of the event.
And it's all at Viejo Correo! Which seems a little small for orchestras and crowds, but good for them. I hope it's a fantastic success.

So if you're planning on being in Buenos Aires at that time, enter the championship and have something to write home about!

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