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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today we're leaving on the red-eye bus to SALTA!


Johanna said...

What a stunning picture! Where is this?

tangocherie said...

Johanna, this is in Salta where we are going today to catch the Pachamama festival.

(I can't tell you exactly where this picture was taken, but maybe when I return to BsAs I can!)

n a n c y said...

A good explanation of the Pachamama festivals in the Andes:

Salta is often compared to Sedona, AZ as a place of mystical happenings. Let's hope Cherie & Ruben are not "probed" while there. ;-)

one2tango said...

Aaaah, Salta la linda:) to me the picture looks like somewhere in La Quebrada de Humahuaca, north of Salta, though I may be mistaken.. I was there in February, and I found the region breath-takingly beautiful; I hope you will like it too. Have a good trip, and enjoy yourselves!
P.S. Cherie, there is a fantastic restaurant on the main plaza in Salta, on the corner of Caseros and Zuviria - it has an Italian name that I cannot recall right now, but it is more like nouvelle cuisine (or as close as you can get to that in Argentina;) I still remember the excellent food, very inventive (!), good quality fresh vegetables, extremely nice waiters.. it saved me from starvation when got fed up with humitas:)