After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Asi Se Baile El Tango!

Some photos taken by Guillermo Thorp for Diostango magazine at the inauguration of this new Thursday milonga in San Telmo--Pedro and Alejandro, organizers.

Tina Ferrari (Tina Tangos) dancing with organizer Alejandro.


Giorgio said...

Hello. I tried to dance Tango but I am the worst in the world!!!....Very bad dancer!! I alse went in a very nice place, called "La Catedral" in Caballito Barrio. Anyway...your blog is very nice :o) Greetings from Italy and Argentina

Tina said...

Ok the question is - did they get my name right? I hope?

Tina said...

Ah, and I'm sorry to bug you but can you change the link that you have to me in the post? It should be (gotta have the /blog in there or it won't work)



tangocherie said...

Hi Giorgio!
I hope you come back and visit often.
Yes, I like La Catedral too!
Hang in there with your tango; take lessons and practice and go to dance. Tango takes time--but it's so worth it!

Hola Tina,
Don't worry you couldn't bug me. I'm sorry about having the wrong link for your blog, and I appreciate the correction. I changed it on this post, and the later one about blogging. Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Cherie, Nice pictures. I have been thinking a lot about the woman's face/head position, and I see the difference between Tina and you. You face your partner a bit, and she is looking over Alejandro's shoulder. I am wondering all the time lately what to do with my face! I mean, besides using waterproof mascara and good moisturizer..... Maybe you could do another of your overviews...I wonder what ideas people have about this.

Tina said...

Elizabeth - I never really know what to do with my face either - it seems that it changes depending on the guy and his height.

Alejandro is shorter than me when I'm in heels so it just feels better to look over his shoulder. Otherwise I'd have his curly hair up my nose. ;-) hehe

However, I have another favorite who is taller than me and it's much more comfortable to face him the way Cherie faces Ruben.

Cherie, you've done a post on the hand hold and the embrace, now you need do do one of the head position! :-) ha

tangocherie said...

OK, chicas, such a post coming up...but after my long weekend in Mendoza!

If you have photos, please send them in!