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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Favorite Blogger Goes Private

As a follow-up to last week's post on why people blog,
I'm very sorry to say that NY Tango Pilgrim has gone undercover.
I'm sure his reasons are excellent, but still it's a shame to lose him from the tango blog pool.
I just hope he doesn't quit blogging as several of his predecesors have done: Caroline, m i l e s, La Planchadora, just to site three. Maybe blogs have life-cycles, who knows?
Here's my post last January on Hitting the Wall.

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Elizabeth said...

Some of the problems that the bloggers face, are just classic writer's issues arent they? Like writer's block, the risks of uncovering the truth, of getting to the point, of being exposed...and then there are potential problems, like one's words returning to haunt them or to cause legal or social sanctions. I had some problems ovet my rage about the building being built next door, but I stand by it. It was still a free country last time I checked.
It is just keep thinking and sharing!