After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night was the first milonga after the closure, and tonight Nino Bien will be back in action, as well as Entre Tango y Tango tomorrow, and our favorite, Los Consagrados on Saturday afternoon. Let's hope that this gorgeous salon doesn't have any more problems and we can continue to enjoy the large wood floor, the high ceilings, good music and wonderful dancing.

Except I'm leaving today for L.A. to try and get more papers for my long-term visa. Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Hi Cherie,

If you have any time and would like to meet for a coffee some time while you are here, please do drop me a line!


Tina said...

Fabulous news!

Sallycat said...

I do wish you lots of luck Cherie. Now I have my papers, I am on the trail of the DNI itself! Does it ever end???
I know that you will get everything you need and that we will be celebrating together VERY soon!
And, at least you are escaping 'el humo' and heading for clearer skies.
Suerte por tu viaje! SC