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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Life is a Journey

March 24, 2008
Hi Cherie,
"Life is journey," said a famous haiku master, Matsuo Basho
who passed away during his journey while creating masterpieces of the poem.

My journey to Argentina led me to finally meeting "TangoCherie,"
who is my favorite blogger.

My wife and I enjoyed attending your birthday party
at Milonga de los Consagrados.

And, the tango lesson with you and Ruben
re-exacerbated my tango fever.

Though I am in the middle of learning the Spanish language
and attempting to visit the entire nations of the Central and South America,
I have a strong urge to stay in Buenos Aires.

I wonder what the Master Basho would say to it.
"That is journey. That is life."


Ted and Judy

1 comment:

tangocherie said...

Dear Ted,
Such a lovely comment, thank you so much!
I'm just thrilled that your particular journey brought you to Buenos Aires and to us.
The treasure of meeting and knowing people from all over the world because of tango is such a blessing!
Hasta pronto!