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Monday, April 14, 2008

Buenos Aires Milonga Updates

Things are always changing in Argentina, and the milongas are no exception.

The most dramatic recent change was the closure of the Region Leonesa salon, where many fantastic milongas were held: Nino Bien, Los Consagrados, Entre Tango y Tango, and others. But now we hear the building will open this week and the milongas resume. We hope. Stay tuned.

Other news this week is that Adriana y Patricio's Wednesday milonga in Palermo Soho is moving to Gricel. Now there will be a milonga every night of the week there. I'm delighted because Gricel is a wonderful venue, and is close to Boedo where I live.

On a smaller note, last Saturday at Cachirulu in Maipu 444, Hector posted milonga rules in every language, including Chinese, about using the cabeceo, following the line of dance, not stepping backward into the line of dance, etc.

But on Friday and Saturday afternoons we were at La Confiteria Ideal, where nothing ever changes.

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Anonymous said...

If only the people to whom those rules applied actually READ them...

Also, if they're taking classes in BA, don't you think it's partly their teacher's fault that they can't behave properly?