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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My son Jason Zarookian, at work at Barneys of New York, with Cameron Diaz. (From and other fansites)


Elizabeth said...

Cherie, My daughter Claire works for Barney's New York in Seattle! She was offerred a job in NY but decided to stay here. I bet she knows your Jason. It is fun for them to meet the celebs I think.

tangocherie said...

Ah, the foreign world of Barney's!
What department does Claire work in?
Ask her if she knows Jason.

I went in once to actually try on Manolo Blajnik's, but Comme Il Fauts fit me much better.

I don't think I'm a Barney's girl like Cameron Diaz. She was there for a couple of hours!

Anonymous said...

i know jason from his days at the hartford ballet. Is he in nyc now? the last time i saw his was in la i think working at barneys there.