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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This photo, Tech Age, is from one of my favorite non-tango blogs, The Thinking Blog.
Vote on which of several incredible photos of 2007 make you think the most.


Elizabeth said...

This is such a cute picture. It reminds me of me trying today to put a selection of tandas on my laptop. Just the same. Happy New Year Cherie!

tangocherie said...

Ah but Elizabeth, I bet you don't wear the babushka!

Next time you're in BsAs, you might want to talk to DJ Dany about getting a "milonga in a box:" organized tandas complete with cortinas.

And a Great '08 to you too!

tangobaby said...

I am going to show this picture to my mother and prove to her that if some of these little grannies can use a computer, then so can she!

Thanks for sharing this photo. It really made me smile.

Elizabeth said...

But Cherie, I am wearing a babushka, cleaning house today!
Is Dany the DJ at Los Consegrados? I will have to catch up with him.

I did get two long CDs from the DJ at Maipu, can't remember his name but he is a fun guy, and I danced waltz with him. sigh.