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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Face of Pagliacci

Kirk Douglas

He has the face of Pagliacci, sometimes the mercurial masks of comedy or tragedy. He could have been a fantastic actor. He can be handsome or ugly or look like an innocent child. When his hair is long he reminds me of Beethoven. Sometimes Kirk Douglas. He has the head of a lion. His mouth has the square lower lip of comic book heroes. I never tire of looking at his face.

And if he has the face of Pagliacci, he also has the heart.

Placido Domingo as Pagliacci


realitypivots said...


n a n c y said...

OK - now show us a picture of Ruben's big, warm smile with that twinkle in his know- that look on his face when he is dancing a fast milonga with you.

tangocherie said...

Is this enough twinkle for you?

n a n c y said...

Oh yeah!