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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Because Buenos Aires is finishing up its jacaranda season, here's a photo of jacaranda time (May) in Los Angeles.


sognatrice said...

So beautiful!

Come visit me for a fun contest :)

Beatrice M said...

That is amazing. I haven't seen the jacarandas that full ever. Wow.

Inspirosity said...

And to think I thought the jacarandas here in Buenos Aires were amazing. They are, but that street looks like heaven to me.

tangocherie said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies!
Even though I lived in Mexico where they are so proud of their jacarandas, I've never seen anything like May in L.A.!
Please notice, though, that there are no cars parked underneath them. Those gorgeous purple flowers strip the paint right off the metal, and so that's why some homeowners refuse to plant them.
Ah, can there be beauty without pain?