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Monday, August 13, 2007

Tango to Health!

HEALTH: A STUDY BY MCGILL UNIVERSITY IN CANADA (article in Diario Clarín, Buenos Aires)

affirmed that dancing tango is as healthy as gymnastics. When doing it, physiological mechanisms are engaged to help prevent cardiac diseases and improve mobility. Not that we need medical studies to make us want the sensual embrace of tango!

A study made last year by the International Society of Cardiology revealed that dancing tango, salsa or merengue helps to diminish arterial pressure and to prevent the appearance of cardiac diseases. The choice was made to study the effects of tango because it is one of the few dances that forces the couple to merge in an embrace. "In former times, even fox-trot was danced embraced; nowadays the new generations do not practice that contact."

You see, yet another reason to dance estilo milonguero!!


miss tango in her eyes said...

Not only is it good for your heart, tango helps to keep you mentally astute!

Nancy said...

And young and beautiful - like all of us!