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Monday, July 23, 2007

Milonga Hot

This is the photo promoting the Playboy Channel's new sexy "tango" series beginning in August. We tango lovers can only imagine what it will be like.

Does this look like tango to you?

As for me, I have questions:
Why is her left finger sticking up like that?
Why is she concentrating on the camera instead of her partner?
Why does he look so bored instead of sensuous and passionate?
Do you think they know how to do a tango embrace?
We already know why her boobs look like tennis balls, but is his left thumb fingering one? (That goes against the Codigos!)
Is she a transvestite?
Is he a computer nerd by day?

This photo below looks more like tango to me:


caroline said...

I had to laugh about the finger sticking up! There are some women in my town who do that. They would rest their hand ever so delicately against the back of the man's neck and zing! the index finger pops up and sometimes the pinkie too.
"Excuse me, it's tango, not teatime at the Buckingham palace."

24tango said...

I am unable to resist these entertaining & wonderful questions and I am assuming that they are "Working" for the channel:

Her Finger? This could be due to AC/DC electric shock through his "manly embrace"!

Camera? She is another member of "performers" whose eyes usually watch "the audience" around the floor instead of the dancing partner she is with. (This is common by some ladies!!!)

Looking bored? "Plastic" has that effect on men!

Tango embrace? They will do what ever position the director tells them to do - it is in the contract!!

His left thumb? He is just asking the director if those are not against "Health and Safety" regulations at work place!

Transvestite? No She certainly is not!

Computer nerd? Those guys belonged to the 1980's and they all became either millionaires or saga loving managers who are by now married and have at least 4 kids in their teens to support. So I doubt there are any nerds of the computing era left out there who may or may not choose to work for the playboy industry as "performing artists".

Finally the other photo sums up all there is to love about tango.

Thanks once more for making us laugh.


Cherie said...

Shall we all show our solidarity with Playboy and stick up a finger when we dance?

Thanks for the fabulous comments, you two!!

miss tango in her eyes said...

The finger a Freudian gesture of course, it is Playboy after all.

Lovely photo of Theresa, by the way.

Cherie said...

Miss Tango,
If you click on the LINK at the bottom of the post, you can see the beautiful series of photos taken at Club Espanol by jingzi.

Tina said...

The tennis ball boobs aren't too far off from what I've seen at milongas, but otherwise, the photo is definitely *not* Tango! ;-)
He looks like one of those "clammy" leads. Ewwwwww.

Elizabeth said...

I want to just say how much we loved the photos of the real tangueros and tangueras. How I look forward to someday just being close to that energy in Buenos Aires.

The people with their inner beauty and depth...the old ladies who still get all dolled up for the milonga, the men sporting the belly and cuddling up so nicely with her belly...the outfits held together with hope and safety brings tears. That photographer really caught it.

Thanks for posting the link and for reminding us that it ain't about the fake boobs...although that photo was funny, so thanks for that too.

Cherie said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Jingzi photos taken at Club Espanol. I find them so very moving. She did an amazing job of capturing the feelings and wistfulness of the dancers.

Thanks for your comments; I really appreciate them.