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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Fleeting Tema in Chiqué

Guillermo Thorp, the publisher/editor of the monthly tango magazine, Diostango, showed up one afternoon in Chiqué and tried out his new camera by taking this little video of Ruben and me dancing a tango. It was late and there was room to dance.


Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh. Beautiful. Your embrace looks yummy, you and your partner have musicality, and that magical something for which there are no words! Eso!

Cherie said...

Thank you, Elizabeth.

The way Ruben dances allows me to express myself perfectly. He's always inventive and creative, never predictable or boring. And I can trust his embrace totally.
And oh yes, he is musical.

Dancing and teaching with him is the cumulation of my ten years of dancing tango.

caroline said...

I love the joy you two express when dancing together. So nice to watch.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Caroline.
I appreciate your leaving a comment.
Un beso grande!