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Monday, July 30, 2007

Buenos Aires Bloggers Empanada Fest

at Chez Cherie in Boedo

included Holly [on the far left] from Tango in her eyes, Marce from Pip in the city [Marce baked us two delicious desserts -Thanks Marce], Diva from Buenos Aires through my eyes [under the smiley face ;-)], and me. Nathan was also present from exnat. Thanks again to Alan for organizing the get-together, even though he had to be out of town and totally missed out!!

Ruben was the "guest chef" and served up his famous Empanadas Tucumanas, completely made from scratch--I mean hand-cut beef, homemade dough that he rolled, filled, and pinched, and fried. Yum!Kiki from Buenos Aires Weekly took some great photos, as usual.

It was a beautiful day and from the terrace we could see the world. It's our world, the one that we blog about every day!

I so enjoyed getting to know these fun and creative people a little bit better, and hopefully our working together can make the Buenos Aires Blogosphere even more dynamic than it already is. Or at least create more parties!

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Diva said...

jajaja, I have a lovely smile, don´t you think?