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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Milonga Chiqué

Miss Tango in Her Eyes
wrote a nice review of CHIQUE after the second milonga in its new home at Casa Galicia (San Jose y Alsina).

It was nice to see her there, and I agree with her accessment. Chiqué is a warm, cozy milonga with a family feel--maybe because the organizer, Julio, works it with his family. It's a smaller space, too, than the ornate Club Espanol, but the music of DJ Dany is still the best in Buenos Aires, the floor is beautiful wood parquet, and the good dancers are there.

I miss the bar, though. Of course you can still order whatever you want to drink from the friendly waitresses, Pato y Monica, but there is no formal bar to display the glittery bottles and platters of empanadas.

But Casa Galicia has a balcony, which is a real plus for the smokers on a break from dancing.

There are several ceiling fans, but Julio plans to put in air conditioning soon.

We wish Julio all the best of luck with the new Chiqué, and hope to see you all there whenever you are in Buenos Aires on a Thursday afternoon.


miss tango in her eyes said...

I miss the bar too! Theresa, always managed to wrangle chips out of the bartender to keep our table stocked up.

Cherie said...

Hi Holly,

The upstairs Spanish restaurant looks--and smells--good. If we get too hungry dancing, maybe we can order in!