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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yes, indeedy, the grand prize winner of ArgentinasTravel's Link to a Steak Contest is none other than your own tangocherie! Watch Cesar make the announcement below:

A delicious steak dinner isn't all I've won lately--at Club Espanol's final milonga at the end of March, I won the free drawing of a beautiful pair of TangoLeike shoes!

I've been waiting two years to win those shoes (the shoe at the left is NOT TangoLeike!) at Chique's monthly drawing. But I'd rather that Julio still organized "the most elegant milonga of Buenos Aires." How we miss him, his wife Mirta, Laura, Marcelo, Pato, and Monica. We're lost every Thursday night with no Club Espanol. Hopefully Julio will soon reopen in another salon nearby.

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Cesar from Argentina's Travel said...

The certificate is all set to go! I'll keep the actual restaurant name a suprise for now :) Let me know how I can get it to you.