After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Teaching Milonguero Style Tango

Ruben and I love to teach! There are so many people we watch dancing in the milongas, and we say, oh if only we could just correct her knees or his head or whatever, their dancing would vastly improve! But of course, we don't say anything, and we wait for people to approach us.

We don't do the common thing of dancing with beginners in order to convince them they need our classes. We don't paper the milonga with our cards. We don't search out foreign people to talk them into learning our milonguero style technique from us. We dance, and we wait for people to approach us because they like how we dance.

Many times we are pointed out across the salon by locals when people inquire about teachers. And so it's a real understated way of enlarging our student base--mostly word of mouth and by recommendations. We figure if they like the way we dance, then what they want to learn is the music, rhythm, the walk, connection, and the embrace. And of course, here in Buenos Aires, it's so important for the man to learn to navigate a crowded floor.

If someone wants to learn the Dreaded 8-Count Basic with Boleos and Ganchos, we are not the teachers for them. Here are a few photos from a semi-private lesson with a couple from Canada.

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