After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First-Timers' Buenos Aires Tango Intensive

“How do I get someone to dance with me? What the heck is the Cabaceo? Why doesn’t anyone dance during the Cortina? Which milongas should I go to—I went to one and it was all kids! Where should I sit? What should I wear? I never saw back home the milonguero style that everyone dances here—where can I learn? Everyone says he’s a teacher and I’m confused! Where to buy my tango shoes? What if I want to see some gauchos and folklore? Where can I learn to dance the Chacarera? Which of the zillion tango CDs are the best? I have only two weeks vacation and I don’t want to lose any time!”

These are some of the questions newcomers ask me in Buenos Aires, where I have lived for two years. So my dance partner, Ruben, a porteño milonguero, and I put together the FIRST-TIMERS’ BUENOS AIRES TANGO INTENSIVE for foreign dancers who don’t want to waste precious vacation time trying to figure everything out, especially if their Spanish is not that great.

It’s sort of a kick-start to milonga success. After only two days with us, a newcomer feels more like a Porteño/a! They will have danced with milonguero/as, understand the Cabaceo, and know how to break the infamous Code. We show them around Buenos Aires to all the best addresses for fun, food and shopping. The two days include a private lesson in the milonguero style of tango, shoe shopping, visits to the most elegant historical cafes in town, a colorful outing, a parrilla lunch or dinner, accompaniment to 2 milongas, and transportation between activities. After two days the newcomer is ready to make Buenos Aires his own. We tailor the activities to one person or a couple. But more important is the knowledge we share of how to succeed in the milongas of Buenos Aires, so you can hit the dance floor running!

We can also arrange for your lodging and airport pickup.

Write Cherie for more info: BsAsMilonga-- at--aol dot com
Or call Buenos Aires (54) 11 4932-5027

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