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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

B.A. Tango Now Available for Download Here!

I am very happy to post that Tito Palumbo, the editor of the wonderful free bilingual tango magazine available in Buenos Aires, has given me permission to host the downloads of current issues on tangocherie. I've been reading it forever and it is tops in its thought-provoking editorials and literary articles, as well as info on what's happening tango-wise in BsAs.

B.A. Tango No. 201

Now everyone from everywhere can read what's happening in the milongas of Buenos Aires! (It is also available for download on Arlene's London Tango Pages.)


londontango said...

We gotta spread the word Cherie! :)

tangocherie said...


Three (or more) cheers for the internet!!

Alberto said...

Hi Cherie,

If you're still in the plug mood, the original international download site for B.A. Tango is also here,

Best regards and felices fiestas!